Our Support Team

Law Offices of Scott Warmuth

Our Support Team

Law Offices of Scott Warmuth


A Diverse Legal Team That Speaks Your Language

Over the past three plus decades, the Law Offices of Scott Warmuth has earned international respect by assembling a strong, versatile legal team devoted to providing superior personalized service and positive community outreach.  Our law firm has become a trusted resource for communities of diverse backgrounds in Los Angeles, the San Gabriel Valley, and all of California.

Our support staff work with clients and potential clients to provide a thorough and honest assessment of their legal issues, regardless of your case type. For a free consultation, call us now at 888-517-9888. Our client advocates can help you.

Our Department Leaders

General Manager Tammy Wong

Tammy Wong
General Manager

Immigration Department Manager Tina Xie

Tina Xie
Immigration Department Manager

Workers' Compensation Department Manager Maurice Lin

Maurice Lin
Workers’ Compensation Department Manager

Personal Injury Department Manager Jeff Wong

Jeff Wong
Personal Injury Department Manager

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