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San Gabriel Valley Car Accident Lawyer

San Gabriel Valley Car Accident Lawyer

Since 1984, car accident lawyers at the Law Offices of Scott Warmuth have been successfully pursuing injury claims for the victims of auto accidents in the San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles, and throughout California. Our multilingual accident attorneys and client advocates fight to provide substantial financial compensation for accident victims. Call an experienced car accident lawyer now at 888-517-9888 for a risk-free legal consultation.

Fault in a Car Crash

The determination of fault in a car accident is very important. In simple terms, whomever causes the car crash is ‘at fault’. This is important because anyone involved in a car crash who is not at fault can seek compensation for injuries, property damage, and lost wages from any party who is found at fault.

Though the circumstances of every car accident are unique, certain driving behaviors increase the chances of causing a car collision.

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Speeding or driving too fast for conditions (like a rain-soaked Southern California freeway) can lead to accidents.  Watch your speed, especially if the weather conditions are less than ideal.

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Texting while driving, trying to find directions, or even just holding a cellphone will make one more likely to be found at fault for a crash.  It’s best to leave your phone and electronic devices alone while driving.

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Ignoring traffic signals, crossing solid stripes to enter the carpool lane, the infamous California stop, improper U-turns, and any other driving habit that violates the rules of the road can be the cause of a crash.

Do not drink and drive

Over 30 percent of fatal car crashes involves a drunk driver. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a surefire way cause an accident and a potential felony conviction.  Never drink and drive.

How We Help Our Clients

Every auto accident is different, but the pain and stress that injury victims and their families experience is nearly universal.  Our multilingual attorneys work both for and with our clients to obtain the best possible settlement for injuries sustained in a car accident. We make the recovery process incredibly simple.


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Instead of worrying about medical bills piling up, you’ll be able to treat with medical professionals without any out-of-pocket costs. Instead of personally dealing with the stress of arguing with the insurance company over a low-ball settlement offer, let a dedicated car accident lawyer help so you can focus on getting back to your normal life. With over three decades of experience and results, the Law Offices of Scott Warmuth will ensure you are being treated fairly by the insurance companies.

Risk-Free, Personalized Legal Representation

With a free initial consultation, no out-of-pocket expenses for medical treatment or vehicle repair, and a no recovery, no fee guarantee, the experienced car accident lawyers of Law 888 provide truly risk-free legal services. Throughout the duration of your auto accident case:

We’re on your side, all the way.

Our client advocates will take the time to walk you through the legal process. Your case managers closely follow your medical treatment and recovery. The attorneys fight the insurance companies to ensure you are properly compensated. And should the insurance company refuse to offer a fair settlement, our litigation team will work closely with experts to uncover the causes that led to your accident and hold the negligent parties accountable.


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