July 11, 2017
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Immigration Attorney Yesenia Acosta Recognized as Rising Star

June 20, 2017
Immigration under the Trump Administration

Immigration Tips for Review

June 14, 2017
Attorney Yesenia Acosta speaks at the ICA Annual Conference

Sanctuary Cities: A Divisive Tactic for America’s Safety?

May 1, 2017

Has Canada Written the Book on Immigration?

Canada has a unique immigration system based on points. These points are given to applicants on the basis of key factors such as education level, professional experience, and a few other factors that are then […]
April 24, 2017
Undocumented and Criminialized

Undocumented and Criminalized

The United States Focuses on Undocumented Immigrants and Crime Since the new Trump Administration has taken office, one of the hottest ongoing topics in the US is related to immigration and crime. Specifically, the issue […]