An automobile crashed into a house in Selma early Sunday morning, leaving one person dead and neighbors shaken up. The fatal accident occurred at a time when the California Highway Patrol (CHP) has intensified its patrolling during the holiday weekend. Joseph Barela, a Selma resident, was sleeping in his adjacent house when he heard a loud noise. "The house shook. My son even said the lights were flickering on our car, so I grabbed the keys and thought it was just the alarm, then I went out the door and saw my car smashed and flipped," Barela said. He noticed a man injured in his neighbor's yard. Barela says more people could have been in danger. The CHP reported that two people were ejected from the car and taken to a nearby hospital with serious injuries, where one person died later. The driver was the person who lost their life. Officers said it is unknown if drugs or alcohol were a factor in the crash. The case is still under investigation. The California Highway Patrol said they will have additional officers patrolling the streets during this holiday weekend. Since Friday, they have issued over one hundred speeding and distracted driving citations. "We have had 13 DUI cases during that period of time. Most importantly, people need to control their speed this weekend. Make sure not to drive distracted. And definitely not drink and drive, we want to keep the roads as safe as possible," said Lieutenant Austin Matulonis of the California Highway Patrol. He emphasized that during this weekend, it is important to have patience and not drive distracted. The CHP also recommends being cautious of motorcyclists and bicyclists who may be sharing the road. "Speeding is one of the leading collision factors we have. Obviously, the faster you go, the less reaction time you have. So, give yourself enough time when traveling when you go out," said Matulonis. Originally posted at Liga Legal®