A 19-year-old woman from Ohio, Mackenzie Shirilla, has been sentenced to 15 years to life in prison after intentionally crashing her car into a brick wall at 100 mph, resulting in the death of her boyfriend and a friend. Last week, Shirilla was found guilty of murder, aggravated assault with a vehicle, aggravated vehicular homicide, drug possession, and possession of criminal tools. The incident occurred in July 2022 in the suburb of Strongsville, Cleveland, when Shirilla was just 17 years old. Judge Margaret Russo of Cuyahoga County referred to her actions as a "selfish, intentional, and cruel decision." During the sentencing on Monday, Russo addressed Shirilla and held her solely responsible for the pain experienced by everyone present in the courtroom. She stated, "There is only one person responsible for the pain of every person in this room, and that person is you, Mackenzie. Nobody else is responsible." Although Shirilla was tried as an adult, Judge Russo decided not to impose consecutive sentences for the deaths of Shirilla's boyfriend, 20-year-old Dominic Russo, and her 19-year-old friend, Davion Flanagan. Instead, Russo stated that the sentences would run concurrently. Russo explained her reasoning, saying, "I understand that the pain in this room wants me to impose the harshest sentence, but I do not believe that would be the appropriate sentence because I do not believe Mackenzie will be released in 15 years." In tears, Shirilla stood before the court and read a statement, expressing her deepest apologies to the victims' families. She said, "I am truly sorry. I hope that one day they can see that I would never allow this to happen or do it intentionally." Shirilla referred to Russo as her soulmate. However, the victim's brother, Angelo Russo, described Shirilla as someone who "cold-bloodedly" murdered Dom. "Kenzie killed Dom out of fear of losing him," Angelo Russo stated in court on Monday. "And she turned Davion into collateral damage." Originally posted at Liga Legal® Abogados