The Merced, California Highway 99 has been reopened after a truck accident caused a spillage of liquid fertilizer. The accident left many details, including the repairs and cleaning processes and precautions that drivers should take when passing through the construction zone. A multi-car accident on the freeway, with first responders on scene, was caused by a truck that overturned, spilling its contents. The spilled liquid fertilizer caused a chaotic situation on the highway, with the authorities needing to shut down the affected lanes, causing extensive traffic delays. After the cleanup operation was completed, the highway was eventually reopened. However, drivers are being urged to take extra care when driving through the construction zone, which is still ongoing. In conclusion, it is essential for drivers to adhere to the required safety measures, especially when driving through construction zones. We urge all motorists to take caution when maneuvering the affected sections of the highway and other routes within the area. Always prioritize your safety and that of other road users by adhering to traffic rules and regulations. Originally posted at Abogados de Accidentes