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Client Reviews of the Law Offices of Scott Warmuth

Evelyne Y. - Personal injury

San Francisco, CA
May 8, 2019

Law office of Scott Warmuth law has been representing me in my car accident since 2017 , the whole team had been working really hard in getting me fair judgement and all the had been handling it professionally throughout the whole process , I am really really pleased of their hard work, I would like to especially thank mr Alex Tan for his patience and professionalism. He helped me a lot in understanding my rights as an injured insured.

Yang X. - Personal Injury

May 3, 2019

Five stars recommend!! Loves my case manager Flora!! She took care of me so well, get every single bill reimbursed within a month and call every other week to check on my treatment status. Super grateful to have a case manager like this for my car accident case. Keep up the great work!

Sam T. - Personal Injury

Monterey Park, CA
April 29, 2019

I was involved in a rear-ended auto accident last year. Debbie Wu was the case manager of my case, who handled both property damage and bodily injury properly. I would like to thank you and Debbie and his manager Jeff Wong for the professional manner in all aspects. I will definitely recommend Law Offices of Scott Warmuth to my friends or family.

Rosetti H. - Personal Injury

April 25, 2019

Happy to share my personal experience with this law firm. The incident happened three years ago, and it went to litigation, so you can imagine I’m very glad the case is settled now. Law office of Scott Warmuth did a good job representing me on this personal injury matter. Special thanks to my attorney, his assistant and the case manager Flora. I couldn’t get the settlement without their professional knowledge and assistance. They keep me posted on the case status and fight for my case. Thank you!

King S. - Personal Injury

April 22, 2019

My car incident was not major nor complicated but I’m still glad that I retained with this firm. They make everything so much easier by having my case manager Flora takes care of everything for me. My deductible and rental reimbursement, my doctor appointment, and all the insurance documents. She did a good job on that! Save my time and energy on working on something else that‘s more important... thank you flora and your team!

Angelica T. - Personal Injury

Torrance, CA
April 22, 2019

I was hit by a car when I was walking across the street, and it was tragic. I came to this firm for help and Flora took care of my case. it's unfortunate that the defendant only has a minimal policy, so the firm is trying to get the policy limit for me. During the whole time, flora keeps me updated on the case and ease my concerns on every level. I appreciate her help and kindness. thank you.

Tony G. - Personal Injury

April 18, 2019

All the staff at this firm are helpful and knowledgeable. They gave me great advice on my personal injury case and called me whenever there's update on the case. From the office general manager to the attorney, then to my case manager Ms. Li, I'm impressed with their work. Responsive, honest and happy to answer queries. Looking forward to see the case outcome!

Sam S. - Personal Injury

April 17, 2019

I have heard of this firm from Radio 1430 and they have been informative about legal area. I didn’t know I would actually hire them till I got rear-ended June last year by a truck. My case manager is Flora Li and she helps me handle both property damage and bodily injury. She and her team did a great job for me! I’m satisfied with their service as well as the result and therefore I’m here to share my experience to you! Don’t think twice if you want to hire them for your car accident case 😊

Celine X. - Personal Injury

April 16, 2019

Nice experience with their personal injury department. My case was settled within half a year and it’s a good settlement that they got for me. The whole team is very professional and productive and therefore got a good result. Thank you all and especially Tammy Wong and Flora Li. Will recommend their service on car accident to my friends and family.

Renee C. - Personal Injury

April 12, 2019

Friendly, Professional staff. They definitely look after you best interests and me and my husband are very happy with their service and how they arrange the doctor appt for us! Flora was extremely helpful over the phone and followed-up promptly and professionally! Highly recommend the law office to all of you guys!

Hubert L. - Workers' Compensation

April 12, 2019

I was attacked during a robbery that happened in my workplace, and my head and shoulder were seriously injured. I was referred by a friend to the Law Offices of Scott Warmuth to help me to claim worker's compensation. Maurice and his assistant, Joyce, were very helpful and responsive throughout the entire process. They helped me get the necessary medical treatments and were very informative, and I was able to finally settle the case with the other party. I would highly recommend them to anyone involved in a worker's compensation case.

Kiong T. - Personal Injury

Los Angeles, CA
April 10, 2019

I was in a car accident in 2018, driving home from a friend house and got rear-ended in the rain. I was scared and good thing I saw the billboard and contacted Law Offices of Scott Warmuth. I spoke with Jeff, he makes sure I was ok, got the other driver information and call the police. I came to the firm the next day and met with Alex, he assisted me with my accident and help me take care of all the accident mails. Alex took his time to explain to me on my case making sure I know what is going on and make sure I’m feeling better from my treatments. I am happy with the services in Law Offices of Scott Warmuth.

Gianina S. - Personal Injury

April 9, 2019

Highly recommended! Great experience with receiving the professional service! The case went smooth without any troubles. Debbie has taken good care of the case.

Szeto E. - Workers' Compensation

La Puente, CA
April 5, 2019

Best attorney in San Gabriel Valley for sure! Super professional and patient services that I get in the worker's comp. & car accident considerate medical and satisfactory compensations. Especially appreciate their case managers Ms. Tammy Wong & Mr. Maurice Lin! They are very helpful and diligence on my cases.

Lien T. - Personal Injury

March 29, 2019

Alex and his supervisor, Jeff has been very helpful with my car accident case. they made sure that i received the medical attention i needed and tried to accommodate me however i needed. the whole process has been straight forward and hassle free.

Wendy P. - Personal Injury

Alhambra, CA
March 29, 2019

My family and I went to this law office after we got in a car accident. Alex and Jeff were helpful throughout the whole process.I appreciated being contacted everytime there was an update. All the medical stuff were taken care of us, which us helped put my mom at ease.

Henry T. - Personal Injury

Rosemead, CA
March 28, 2019

I got rear-ended December last year, and I was referred by a friend to this law firm. the firm has been doing a nice job for my case. I got the deductible and car seat money back thanks to their help. My case manager Flora is attentive and provides me instruction going through the case. She also cares about my injury and makes sure I have enough treatment as needed. Happy with their service and will refer them to my friends and family!

Thomas F. - Personal Injury

San Gabriel, CA
March 27, 2019

The opposing party hit me for running a red light and my car was total loss. I chose this law firm to handle my PI case because my friend had a very good experience with them. And it’s the same thing for me too. Flora Li is my case manager and she is paying close attention to my case, always update me with the insurance company status and arrange the doctor appointments for me. I’m happy with their service and would like to recommend this PI firm to all the people in Asian Community.

Sik W. - Personal Injury

Rowland Heights, CA
March 27, 2019

Janice Hoang is the case file manager who help me with my case. After the accident, Janice kept me very well informed about the case status. She help me set up doctor appointment for my need at my convenience time. She always update me on my results and call me to check in my condition. Janice treat me like her own family member. Law offices of scott warmurh has a very strong team. Ill definitely recommend this law firm to all of my coworkers, relative, and friends.

Fay Z. - Personal Injury

Los Angeles, CA
March 23, 2019

My mom got hit by a car last year and I contacted Law Offices of Scott Warmuth to help her. Jeff came to the hospital to get information about the accident and he was kind and patient with my mom. I am happy that my mom case file manager's Alex Tan was able to deal with the auto insurances efficiently and she was able to get more than I expected. Overall, no regret for choosing Law Offices of Scott Warmuth because this firm is all about clients. I would refer Alex to all my friends and family.

Gar W. - Personal Injury

El Monte, CA
March 13, 2019

I am glad that I chose Law Offices of Scott Warmuth as my attorney for my auto accident happened on 2018. I was terrified and didn’t know what to do at the time, I heard of Law offices of Scott Warmuth on radio 1430 and called spoke with Jeff Wong. He was able to take my case and I was calm that Jeff can help me. I really like that they really got my trust and Alex really took care of my case professionally. I definitely will come back for help if I need any help in the future.

Neal N. - Personal Injury

Santa Monica, CA
March 11, 2019

I went to the Law Offices of Scott Warmuth after being rear ended by a tractor trailer. Actually, it was after I got out of the hospital and called the truck driver's insurance company and getting hung up on. I went to the San Gabriel location and met with Jonathon Chun with pictures and all the available paperwork I had. Rather than just instantly telling me the firm would accept me as a client, Jonathon asked if he could review my paperwork and CHP report, then get back to me. I felt that was very professional of him, as it provided him and his team a chance to determine the validity of my claim. A couple days later. I received a call from Jonathon advising me he'd accept my case and will ensure I get the proper medical care. And aside from that, he wanted to make sure my car was taken care of. As I'm still under going medical care, Jonathon routinely contacts me to see how I'm doing during my recovery process. I highly recommend anybody involved in a car accident that's not your fault to contact the Law Offices of Scott Warmuth.

Yanyi T. - Personal Injury

Los Angeles, CA
March 9, 2019

My daughter got in an accident last year. We came to the Law Offices of Scott Warmuth to seek help and advice. Jeff explained the case detail to me. Alex Tan was case file manager for my daughter’s case. Thanks to Jeff and Alex’s help, all of my daughter’s medical bills and accident related expenses are taken cared. I am glad we came to the office. With their helps, I did not have to worry about not knowing what to do.

Tori L. - Personal Injury

March 7, 2019

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I have always known this firm has great reputation in Personal Injury, especially in Asian community. Mr. Jeff Wang came to my home and gave me a detailed introduction of car accident case procedure, which is very reassuring. Later, the office introduces my case manager Flora to me. Even though we have never met in person but she always gives me case update and let me know what's going on and what to do next. That's the service people are expecting from the law firm nowadays. Keep it up LOSW!!

Yunan L. - Personal Injury

Rosemead, CA
March 5, 2019

Law Offices of Scott Warmuth provides professional service for my case and I am back to this firm for my second accident. I am positive and more relieve to have Law Offices of Scott Warmuth case file manager’s Alex to take care of my matter. Alex is very easy to talk to and inform me what I need to know regards to my case. Alex helps me patiently on my matter and never complains a word or rush me. I would recommend this firm to all my family and friends.

Renyin Z. - Personal Injury

San Gabriel, CA
March 4, 2019

My case is settled within 6months! And I’m able to get more than half of the final settlement because this law firm did a great job for my case! Very satisfied with the service from this firm, specially my nice sweet case manager Flora Li . Thank you all!

Jing L. - Personal Injury

Temecula, CA
March 1, 2019

I'm very impress with the services that Law Offices of Scott Warmuth is providing. They took care of my doctor's appointment and making sure I'm getting the right treatment for my injuries. Alex is my case manager and I am very happy that he is very serious on working on case. Alex would explain every detail that I need to know about my case and making sure I understand what is going on. This firm provide the best service and I cannot complain.

Xiuxiang L. - Personal Injury

Sacramento, CA
February 28, 2019

Alex and Jeff handles my case and were a great help. They were able to handle everything professionally and were very informative through the whole process. I highly recommend Scott Warmuth’s office, as everyone is very kind and helpful. Thanks everyone!

Xiaogui C. - Personal Injury

El Monte, CA
February 28, 2019

I really like the service that Law Offices of Scott Warmuth provides to me. All my appointment and follow up the office help me take care of it because they know I’m very busy and no time to call the doctor. My case file manager’s Alex will always call me to check on how I’m doing, and he makes sure I tells him if I need more treatment. I give this firm thumbs up for excellent customer services and always think of their client first. I will definitely come to firm for any problems.

Tiffany D. - Personal Injury

Montclair, CA
February 27, 2019

Very professional and friendly staffs, especially Alex and Jeff, they gave me lot of help and useful suggestions. All explanations are very detailed... Thanks a lot! Highly recommend this law firm.👍

Jessica L. - Personal Injury

Rosemead, CA
February 26, 2019

I had an auto accident in July 2018, and my back was in great pain the following days. My friends referred me to this law office. The staff in this law office are courteous and attentive. The case managers, Jeff Wong and Alex Tan, are extremely patient and professional to answer my questions, and very responsive to my phone calls and emails. And, they arranged chiropractic treatments with a good chiropractor near me. I have recommended this law office to my friends and colleagues.

Baochang D. - Personal Injury

San Gabriel, CA
February 25, 2019

This law office has provided us with great legal services at an exceptional value. Mr. Jeff Wong and Ms. Flora Li was extremely understanding of all of my conditions. They were able to help me get out of a troubling situation and I would most certainly contact them again should I need legal services again. I have recommended this law office to many of my friends, colleagues, and associates.

Huichen H. - Personal Injury

El Monte, CA
February 22, 2019

I came back for this law firm since i had car accident case overthere before and they did a good job for my case. I was involved in other a car accident last year and went for treatments for my neck, shoulder and back. Alex helped me schedule an appointment to see doctor right away, because I was having a lot of pain on my back. He also checks with me to see how I’m doing and if I need any additional treatment. I will recommend this firm to close friends because they are caring and professional.

Wing L. - Personal Injury

La Cresenta, CA
February 22, 2019

Highly recommend to go with Law Offices of Scott Warmuth. Excellent service and they always on top of my case. They always call me to provide status on my case and check with me on my medical treatment status. Ask for Alex Tan and Jeff Wong. They are excellent. They care about their customer.

Vivian L. - Personal Injury

Norwalk, CA
February 18, 2019

Alex Tan is very nice case file manager. He is answered all my questions and always there to assists me. Jeff and Alex will always try their best to help and give me a call regards to my case status. I will sure recommend this firm to everyone.

Cindy T. - Personal Injury

Santa Ana, CA
February 18, 2019

Alex is professional, he always made sure I go to my appointment and follow up with my doctor’s appointment. Alex and Jeff are very kind and easy to talk to. I am glad that I chose Law Offices of Scott Warmuth to represent me with no regret and definitely recommend this firm to everyone.

Bik T. - Personal Injury

West Covina, CA
February 28, 2019

Alex Tan is a very smart young man who take care of my case. I am an old lady and living by myself with no transportation. I am grateful that Law offices of Scott Warmth is here to services me and Alex for coming over to my home to review document and explaining mail that I received from auto/health insurance. I also wanted to thank Jeff for helping me over the phone when Alex is busy on the phone.

Miaoping Z. - Personal Injury

San Gabriel, CA
February 17, 2019

Getting into an accident is a very annoying experience, but it can happen to anyone. Knowing little about the laws and my rights, I needed some help with figuring out what my options are. Choosing this firm and have Ms. Flora Li to be my case manager is an awesome choice! I will 100% refer any friends or family to you guys! I can't thank you enough for the staff's professionalism and kindness.

Jeanne S. - Personal Injury

Arcadia, CA
February 17, 2019

Happy to share my experience with this law firm for their professional service. My case was well represented and they are demanding the biggest settlement they can. the staff in this office are so kind and nice and explained everything to us in details. Will use this firm again if I need any kind of legal help.

Yan Z. - Personal Injury

February 15, 2019

I am very fulfilled with Alex Tan and Jeff services at the Law Offices of Scott Warmuth. He is straight forward and professional in this job. I now can say I really trust this firm on handling my case . I would recommend this firm to my friends, coworkers and family

Ri L. - Personal Injury

February 15, 2019

I wanna to take this chance and share my experience with this law office. I was referred by a friend and as soon as I talked to my case manager Flora, I knew I would choose this firm for my accident. Flora has a very thorough and professional understanding of personal injury and she has explained everything to me in great details. Ms. Li is very responsible and handling my case very well so far. Not only for my bodily injury treatment but also the property damage! very impressed and I appreciate all the hard work for my case.

Liao M. - Personal Injury

February 13, 2019

I’m an old & loyal costumer to this law firm. I had an accident back to 2015 and got rear-ended in October 2017. I chose this firm again to handle my car accident case and I’m very satisfied with their service. My case manager Flora Li did a great job. She is highly knowledgeable about every aspect of the PI field and more importantly, are extremely patient, kind and caring. Always recommend this firm to my friends and family who needs legal advice and help!

Dick C. - Personal Injury

February 11, 2019

I have nothing but happy experience to share. the case I have is not very complicated and the staff in this firm Flora Li makes the everything super easy for me. I don‘t have to worry much and everything just went through. This is what I want when I hired an attorney for my personal injury case. I’m sure that‘s what you want too! so come to this office and look for Flora Li as your case manager!

Connie H. - Personal Injury

Covina, CA
February 6, 2019

Alex is very friendly and helpful. I was recommended to get injection for my back and I was not sure what is best so Alex suggested if I really need it than I should get injection if not don’t need to. Law Offices of Scott Warmuth always making sure their clients getting their treatment and get better. I am glad to met Jeff to open my case here and have Alex as my case file manager.

Mariinsky H. - Workers' Compensation

Pasadena, CA
February 5, 2019

I greatly appreciate my two case managers, named Maurice Lin and Joyce Lam!  I was injured at work, the Claim Adjuster at Insurance Company manipulated my case, also the occupational doctor assigned by insurance company eagerly attempted to close my case.   Maurice reviewed my case, and decided that they represent for the best of my interest; They helped me change to another doctor for the further treatment immediately.Both of them have given me constant update about my case, and always return my call, particularly extremely prompt Email reply. My case was settled yesterday, I'm grateful for their efforts and helps. Again, Thank you!i would highly recommend their law firm.

Monica Z. - Personal Injury

January 31, 2019

Mr. Warmuth and his office did a tremendous job with my case. My case manager flora was kind, responsive. I’m an actress in West LA and it greatly affects my work. Getting into an accident and getting injured is already the worst, and not having to deal with insurance companies after a bad situation is the greatest feeling. I couldn‘t recommend this office more.

Sam S. - Personal Injury

January 29, 2019

Love the service of this firm. Perfect, especially my case manager Flora. Very nice girl with professional experience. She updated the case, thank you flora and Scott!

Kevin L. - Personal Injury

West Covina, CA
January 24, 2019

I chosen the Law Offices of Scott Warmuth to represent me because they are very well known in the area. Mr. Alex Tan is the case manager handling my case. He kept me very well informed about my case and help me coordinate all the medical appointments. I am very satisfied with my case. I will definitely refer my friends here if they have any case in the future.

Huo W. - Personal Injury

San Gabriel, CA
January 22, 2019

Alex is my case file manager and I very happy with his service. Alex knows what he is doing, honest and always tell me what is going with my case. I am thankful for Alex and Jeff for helping me with my case.

Kimberly L. - Personal Injury

El Monte, CA
January 21, 2019

This was my first time coming to this law office and the experience was pleasant. Everyone in the office is friendly and our attorney Alex and Jeff was very helpful. They answered whatever questions we had and were transparent with us.

Shue C. - Workers' Compensation

January 17, 2019

Excellent service by Maurice Lin from Scott Warmuth office, would definitely recommend for any work injury-related cases!

Jinming H. - Personal Injury

January 16, 2019

I am very happy with the service Law Offices of Scott Warmuth provides to me from bottom to top. Alex. and Jeff W. help me understanding the process of my case. Alex always keep me updated on my case and whenever I received letters from insurance I would go to the office to meet with Alex, so he can explain to me. I always walked out of the office with no worry because I trust Alex with my case. I am happy that this firm were able to reduces all my medical bills down, over 60% reduction. I would recommend their service to my friends and families, because Law offices of Scott Warmuth always think for their client first.

Cai C. - Personal Injury

January 11, 2019

I was a passenger in a rental car when the accident happened and the Insurance was not helpful and was lagging everything. This law office stepped in and everything started movin along finally. Amazing stuff and my case manager Flora knows her stuff, taking care of me very well. Will use again if I ever need legal help and recommend it to my friends and family!

Will M. - Criminal Defense

January 8, 2019

Recently had an legal issue so i decided to go with this law office. I had Justin Rodriguez help me out he was great ! He got my case dismissed in no time. I definitely recommend them if you get into any legal matter! Thanks Justin 5 stars!! They were very professional with everything from start to finish.

Tin F. - Personal Injury

Rosemead, CA
January 8, 2019

A big thank you to Jonathan, Flora and their team! Without them, I wouldn't have been able to win my case. They provided me the best lawyers when I got in a car accident that left my entire body with injuries. I'm very happy with my settlement and the justice has been served. They made it super easy for me to focus on getting myself better. Thank you guys so much I'm glad I found you guys on Yelp.

Ming Y. - Personal Injury

San Gabriel, CA
January 7, 2019

I am very happy with my settlement and the service Law Offices of Scott Warmuth provided me. Alex. was a great Case File Manager, my case was transferred to Alex and I am very impressed that he knows my case very well like he was my previous CFM. Jeff. also helped me out on questions when Alex was meeting with a client. I'll say I'm not regretting on choosing Law offices of Scott Warmuth to represent me for my case.

Chengke C. - Personal Injury

West Covina, CA
January 3, 2019

I was a passenger in a rental car when the accident happened and the Insurance was not helpful and was lagging everything. This law office stepped in and everything started movin along finally. Amazing stuff and my case manager Flora knows her stuff, taking care of me very well. Will use again if I ever need legal help and recommend it to my friends and family!

Carl L. - Personal Injury

Monterey Park, CA
December 21, 2018

My case is finally wrapped up on December 20,2018. Alex and Jeff are really professional. Law offices of Scott Warmuth is a good personal injury firm for the Asian community. Alex and Jeff is attentive and care about their client’s satisfaction. Their service is excellent, I am glad that I find this law firm to solve my car accident case.

Andrei S. - Personal Injury

Los Angeles, CA
December 20, 2018

Good personal injury firm in the Asian community. Hands-on, efficient, and knowledgeable about the process. Case manager Ms.Li has been keep us updated on the case status. I would definitely recommend using them for personal injury and similar civil matters.

Joann K. - Personal Injury

Duarte, CA
December 19, 2018

This firm has been providing me and my family a very good service for our personal injury case. Flora is very attentive and cares about her client's satisfaction after a miscommunication she explain the situation to us promptly and responded to the concerns I had. My case is still being reviewed and i have faith that this firm will do their best to get us the best result.

Phong L. - Personal Injury

Rosemead, CA
December 18, 2018

I was involved in an auto accident and was referred to Jeff Wong and Flora Li. They were attentive, professional and always there when I had questions. I was extremely pleased with the entire process and I would highly recommend them both.

Guanjun C. - Personal Injury

December 15, 2018

It's was a pleasure having the law of office of Scott Warmuth represent me. Especially my professional attorney Jonathan Chung and my case manager Flora Li. They were very helpful throughout the whole process. I would definitely recommend them to any that has gone through a traumatic event like a car accident. They'll make sure you're taken care of.