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Client Reviews of the Law Offices of Scott Warmuth

Lucy L. - Car Accident

Pomona, CA
December 19, 2017

I got rear-ended about a month ago and came here after a recommendation from a friend. It was my very accident so I was very lost and didn't know what to do. Alex was very helpful and patiently explained all of my questions. They even helped me contact a reliable Autoshop and rental car. I'm super happy with the overall service, highly recommend this place!

Maybo T. - Car Accident

El Monte, CA
December 13, 2017

Getting involved in a car accident was a big interruption to my life. I have known this law firm for a long time, and it's a great choice that I chose this firm to take care of my car accident case. My case file manager Flora gave me detailed explanation of how such cases work, and answer every question I have. Thanks to Flora, I was able to finish the property damage part and get the money back within a month. How efficient! This is a good experience and I will recommend it to everybody that needs help!

Jin K. - Car Accident

Riverside, CA
October 13, 2017

Last year I was in a very bad auto crash involved 6 cars on 60 freeway. I was badly injured and my car was declared total lost. I looked online and found the Scott Warmuth Law Office, so I gave it a call. Jeff, was the representative who answered my call, he asked how am I doing, and I briefly described my situation, and wonder if they can help. On the same day, he drove all the way from the office to my work place to see me in person, and went over all the details about the case, it was very helpful. I really appreciated Jeff's work attitude, very professional and helpful.  The whole process took awhile, but my case won. Whenever I email and ask question, Christine T. Always answers my concern right away and she processes my payment right away.  I would recommend Scott Warmuth Law Office for anyone in trouble with auto injury, or any other case.:)

Gigi C. - Personal Injury

Hacienda Heights, CA
August 25, 2017

Very great service! Tammy and Debbie are super helpful and efficient. They really do care about their clients! Settled my car accident claim so fast. (I had 3 car collision. They rented a car for me right the way and communicated with insurance company. Such a relief) Really appreciate!! And I will definitely recommend to my friends.

Tong L. - Personal Injury

Los Angeles, CA
August 23, 2017

15 years ago I had 3 car accident and still not settle and this year another car accident happened, I was very frustrated not knowing where to look for a good lawyer for my case, so my friend recommended me to this law firm. This was my best choice ever!!! I transferred all my past 3 cases to this firm and they handled it very well. Big thank you to my case manager Debbie, we had great communication and she always answer my calls, also thanks for Dara's help she has such great knowledge of law, even the receptionist Bonnie was very nice and greet their client as their VIP. This law firm has such professional workers there, I definitely will recommend this law firm to all my friends if they ever needed a lawyer.

Li J. - Immigration

Eastvale, CA
August 16, 2017

Tina and Vivian at the Immigration Dept. recently completed a case for my company and me. Their service and the final result are PERFECT. The company and myself are deeply impressed by their comprehensive knowledge of the law/ regulation and policy, professionalism, and work attitudes. Both of them contributed a ton to the success of my case. Strongly recommend them and the firm Law Offices Of Scott Warmuth!

Annie C. - Immigration

Duarte, CA
August 14th, 2017

I helped my mother secure representation at this law firm several months ago.  Dara was very patient and reassuring with my mom, who had difficulty with the English language.  I felt that we could trust her to fully represent our interests.  I would highly recommend this firm if you ever need legal help.

Edwin G. - Workers' Compensation

West Covina, CA
August 4, 2017

I would like to thank Scott Warmuth and Maurice Lin and their staff for a job well done.  My case was settled in a short period of time.  They were able to walk me through step by step.  They are very professional, friendly and their response time was always fast.  They are One Team, One Family.  I highly recommend this Law Firm.

Franky - Criminal Defense

Walnut, CA
August 2, 2017

I will definitely recommend the Law offices of Scott Warmuth, especially my defense attorney Justin Rodriguez and his paralegal Dara and because of the warm greeting and professional knowledge of the receptionists Bonnie and Margaret, I chose them over other law offices, and my decision was RIGHT!!! They had helped me through step-by-step, always answer my calls even though is non-offices hours. I'm very satisfied with the outcome of my case. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Qunicy C. - Immigration

Hacienda Heights, CA
May 22, 2017

Fast, efficient and professional. That is what I have to say about this law firm. I went to them for assistance in the application of my green card and was introduced to Tina. Tina along with Sarah made the process extremely easy for us. Whenever we have questions, we simply email them and they will reply almost immediately. They knew exactly what was needed and help us through the whole process step by step. I would definitely recommend this firm to any of my friends in need of a lawyer.

Megan K. - Personal Injury

Long Beach, CA
May 16, 2017

I had nothing but a good experience with them.  I was a passenger in a car accident and the liable party was uninsured.  I was injured in the accident and thought it would be wise to use a law office and process a claim.  Joann took my case and helped me through every step.  I now have all my medical bills paid, and a small chunk of change.

Alex S. - Immigration

Fresno, CA
May 5, 2017

shes the best! she helped us with everything from paper work to pictures to mailing stuff out!!!! she helped us from day one to the very last day!!!! very very very happy with all her helped!!! she made everything easy and clear!!! so that i can get my permanent residence card!! thank you again! yesenia!!!! i recommend everyone whos looking for a immigration lawyer !!! yesenia la mejor los ayudo con todo desde el primer dia hasta el ultimo dia que recive mi tarjeta de residente permanente muchas gracias yesenia i la recomiendo atodos quien quieran arreglar!!! gracias !!!! yesenia!!!! gracias yesenia acosta!!!!!!!

Jay - Criminal Defense

San Gabriel, CA
April 25, 2017

I would like to thank Dara and Justin in helping me dismiss my case. Before I got my case, I was really nervous and had no idea what to do. Then I saw the advertisement of Law Office of Scott Warmuth in the billboards, which brought me there. Dara was the one helped me out. Dara was really nice when I first met her. She was kind, friendly, and she told me not to worry about my case, just let them handle it.    One year later, which is today, I got my case dismissed.  I never thought my case could be this easy. Definitely recommended this office and Dara to anyone who needs help!

Jimmy C. - Personal Injury

Torrance, CA
February 28, 2017

I was trying to resolve a bodily injury claim myself with the insurance adjuster and I was completely lost in the process.  My friend at work told me to call Law Offices of Scott Warmuth and told me they've been around for a very long time.  So I called them and the receptionist Margaret that answered was very friendly and she didn't keep me on hold too long.  She transferred me to Joann and they were able to explain to me how to get the treatment I need and didn't waste any time to set everything up for me.  So far my experience with them is that they are very professional. On top of that they made me feel comfortable and took the time to understand my problems. I feel better knowing that they're on my side.

David L. - Personal Injury

Upland, CA
February 9, 2017

I am skepital of going to lawyers but in my case I've had truly a difficult time due to an auto accident several months ago. As you are aware, dealing with the insurance company and post accident claims can be time consuming and stressful. Thank god I've found Jeff and Debbie take responsibility of my case. They have coordinated a specific treatment plan by having my body assessed post-accident to a chiropractor specialist nearby the area. I am truly thankful for their patience, professionalism, and prompt responses to meet all of my needs. I recommend this place and this is not a biased review i found these guys via yelp and I am lucky to have found them.

Allison C. - Personal Injury

South El Monte, CA
January 30, 2017

Jeff Wong is fantastic, he has a very friendly personality and is extremely easy to talk to. He and Luke Hg were a team working on my case and were alway a comfort to have at my side and just puts off a reassuring vibe. I was in an accident and with their help, I was able to get through the hard time because of this accident. Jeff & Luke are very accommodating and patient especially since I don't speak English very well. I highly recommend Jeff and Luke to anyone who may have any legal issues.

Laura O. - Personal Injury

Rosemead, CA
January 27, 2017

I got into my first car accident and didn't know what to do.  I found them on Yelp and after reading some really good reviews I decided to call them.  I spoke with Joanne, and because I caused the accident she didn't  take my case. But she was really nice and told me what the steps are so I'm not left  knowing what to do.  Great customer service and I will keep them in my contacts for future reference.

Jeff L. - Personal Injury

Cerritos, CA
January 26, 2017

Review may be a little premature as my case is still in the early stages. I was involved in a car/bicycle collision and instantly new I need to seek legal representation for my case. I've heard good things about this practice and instantly got in contact. The level of communication and information received from both Jeff Wong and Debbie Wo, who are managing my case, has been exceptional. Response timing to all questions are within 24 hours if not a few hours when possible. I am positive that the outcome of the case will be beyond satisfactory. I would not hesitate to give them a call for a basic consultation to handling your legal matters.

William E. - Personal Injury

Burbank, CA
July 22, 2016

I was involved in a non-fault motorcycle accident and was shocked when i received the medical bills for a 1 night stay in a hospital in Thousand Oaks. I retained the Law Offices of Scott Warmuth to hopefully relieve me of the anxiety and pressure i was feeling about this incident. In short, they handled EVERYTHING! I followed their simple instructions and they did the negotiating with the hospital and all other vendors. We settled on amounts much lower than i imagined were possible and i even received a settlement. Very professional and understanding of my situation. Getting into any accident whether you're at fault or not is expensive and can add a lot of anxiety to our already busy and sometimes stressful lives. Thanks to everyone at Law Offices of Scott Warmuth.

Peter H. - Personal Injury

Pasadena, CA
June 16, 2016

I always see there billboard, tv commercial and radio ads on them so I give them a shot. Now I know whey they're so huge. They're very professional and have the right staff to answer and serve you. Jeff and his team is everything you need after an accident. After 6 months since the day I signed up. His team has blown me always with the huge settlement and they made it easy on the legal side. Thank you again!!!

Mark F. - Criminal Defense

Temecula, CA
June 1, 2016

Thank you Justin Rodriguez! The courts can be overwhelming for most of us, it certainly was for my 85 year old father. Justin went above and beyond to fright for him and help him navigate the court system. My whole family is grateful for the outcome and feel it couldn't have happened without Mr. Rodriguez's knowledge.

Winnie T. - Social Security Disability

Rosemead, CA
April 22, 2016

After two years waiting for approval finally I got my disability claim benefits through Law Office of Scott Warmuth, here I would like to THANK YOU their case manager Maurice Lin & their team work, especially Maurice Lin such excellent service and professional way to follow up my case closely that I much appreciated.

Carlos - Criminal Defense

Hacienda Heights, CA
April 18, 2016

Great costumer services , just got off the phone with Dera from criminal department and I have to say she helped me out a lot . I asked Dera lots of questions About my case  and she didn't rushed me or told me to call when not busy like other la firms have . I feel comfortable when talking to honest people specially when they help out and take there time to hear you out . I hope to do business with Scott law office thanks agin Dera .

Kevin P. - Social Security Disability

Walnut, CA
March 23, 2016

I had the pleasure of having Maurice Lin as my social services attorney from Scott Warmuth. I was impressed by his honesty, integrity, transparency and professionalism. I highly recommend him if you have a social services case.

Hattie H. - Immigration

San Gabriel, CA
February 28, 2016

The immigration department helped me a lot. I got my conditional green card back in 2013 and removed condition this year, hired the law firm as my representative and did a good job. Plan to hire again when I can apply for my parents green card. Highly recommend it!

Xiao M. - Workers' Compensation

Pomona, CA
November 22, 2015

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance with my Workers' Comp claim.  The professional and thoughtful guidance I received had made things easier.  Special thanks to my case manager Mr. Maurice Lin, I truly appreciate your patience and support while helping me through this process!  I would most definitely recommend Law Offices of Scott Warmuth.