A San Diego police officer who was riding a motorcycle is being treated for serious injuries after being hit by an SUV in Pacific Beach on Thursday afternoon, the department confirmed. The accident occurred around 3 p.m. at the intersection of Garnet Avenue and Kendall Street. The officer was riding his service motorcycle along Garnet Avenue when the collision caused him to be thrown into the air, according to SDPD Lieutenant Adam Sharki. The officer was hospitalized with serious injuries but is in stable condition, Lieutenant Sharki said. An off-duty Coronado Police Department (CPD) officer and several witnesses rushed to help the officer, removing the motorcycle from on top of him and providing assistance until paramedics arrived. SkyRanger 7 flew over the accident scene and observed an overturned SDPD motorcycle on the sidewalk in front of an auto repair shop. A helmet, presumably belonging to the officer, was left on the nearby sidewalk. It had a large crack on the top. Responding officers blocked the intersection with tape, and eastbound and westbound traffic on Garnet Avenue was blocked. The SDPD confirmed that an older model Ford Bronco parked in the center lane, within the caution tape, was involved in the collision. Sharki said there are several cooperating witnesses, as well as security footage from nearby residences or businesses. Witnesses told NBC 7 that the officer had his emergency lights on and possibly the siren before being hit. They claimed he was heading east on Garnet Avenue when the Bronco driver turned onto Garnet in front of the officer. The Bronco appeared to have damage to its front passenger fender. Brent Peeddecord, the manager of the auto repair shop at the intersection, witnessed the collision. "I saw the motorcycle fly, I saw the officer fall onto the handlebars, I saw the motorcycle slide onto the sidewalk along with the officer," Peddecord said. "Inside, I do feel good about having helped, but at the same time, I'm concerned about the officer and want to know that he's okay." Peddecord did not hear the officer say anything specific about his injuries but said he seemed to be pointing to his legs as if he had difficulty moving them. An off-duty Coronado officer who witnessed the accident was able to use the injured officer's radio to call for help. "She knew exactly what to do," Peddecord said. "We're grateful that our officer was in the right place at the right time to assist the injured officer during this terrible collision," a statement from the CPD said. The driver stayed at the scene and is not currently facing any charges, Sharki said. Originally posted at Abogados de Accidentes