December 6, 2019

The US Provisional Patent Application

In 1995, the United States began implementing a provisional patent application process.  Provisional patents establish an early filing date, protecting inventions with a “patent pending” designation for up to one year. 
December 4, 2019

What is an L-1 Visa?

If you haven't heard of the L-1 visa, you're probably not alone.  The L-1 visa isn't available to individuals or most workers, yet at least 100,000 have been issued every year since at least 2000.
November 27, 2019
Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

From everyone at the Law Offices of Scott Warmuth, have a happy Thanksgiving holiday!
November 21, 2019
SSDI Attorneys in Southern California

Eligibility Requirements for SSDI

There is often confusion about the eligibility requirements when applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits.
November 19, 2019
Rainy Weather Driving

The Rain Returns – Wet Weather Driving Tips

It's back!  The first rain of the season is expected to strike overnight Tuesday and snarl Wednesday's morning rush hour commute.  Rain, especially the first rain after an extended dry period, will make the roads slick and poses extra danger for drivers.