Facing Criminal Charges for Domestic Violence

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July 24, 2019
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Facing Criminal Charges for Domestic Violence

In the heat of the moment, anyone can make mistakes.  When an argument with a loved one gets out of hand, flared tempers and the activation of fight or flight instincts can kick in.  Sometimes the result is an incident of domestic violence.  If the incident is loud, it’s very likely that someone not involved will contact the police.  When the police arrive, they will investigate the situation and could possibly place any aggressor under arrest.  Arrested individuals will be taken to jail and will be processed by the justice system.

Every situation is unique, so whether or not arrested individuals will face prosecution depends on the circumstances.  Defendants may not be charged in connection with the episode, may be charged with a misdemeanor offense, or may be charged with a felony offense.  The criminal record of the defendant, the severity of injuries sustained by the victim, previously reported incidents, and more will factor heavily on the prosecutor’s decision.  A skilled criminal defense attorney will work to defend the rights of the accused and will fight against excessive punishment.

How the United States approaches incidents of domestic violence can cause culture shock for some immigrants, as well as immigration problems.  A domestic violence charge can prevent legal residents from becoming naturalized citizens.  It can also lead to the termination of employment, placing an employment-based visa at risk, and even risking deportation proceedings.

The Law Offices of Scott Warmuth offers a criminal defense legal service that operates with immigration status in mind.  We approach every case with an open mind to bring about the best possible conclusion for your case.  We offer free defense consultations at 888-517-9888, so call us today.

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